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We do things differently. We put our money where our mouth is and invest in our own products which we are 100% stakeholders. Events and marketing are our ‘bag’. Years of experience with sports marketing companies, dealing with creative/design agencies and PR companies lead us to believe that we could do the job better and at a fraction of the crazy agency costs.


So in February 2019 we created our first event, promoted it, delivered it, managed it and this has become our showcase. Hard work - of course - but a huge success both financially and in the market place. In our first year we were ‘on the map’. Since then we have been approached to run social media campaigns, create websites, design logos, run events and even contract people.


We don’t say yes to all these requests. We find out if we can work with the client before committing. We keep costs down and quality of service up.


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simple, effective & affordable marketing services

We go by recommendation only. Our strengths are in the creative side and the marketing. We always insist on at least one year of site maintenance so that we can tweak, add and modify through the experience of the client and their customers. All done at a fraction of other agents inflated prices.

Hugely important and much misunderstood. Clients come to us because of our proven record. We create campaigns with engaging and unique content. If it isn’t working for you then it isn’t being done right! We do it right and we have full communication with our clients throughout the entire process.

New logo or company image, freshening up of brochures, point of sale or exhibition design. Photo and video content and where/how to apply this best. Sales directors, Marketing managers and company owners love working with us as we keep it personal, creative and quick. 


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We turn our ideas into reality and develop and deliver our own events. From concept to reality we are fully hands on right from the get go. Our events offer our partners the perfect platform to activate and get their key messages across. Bluetonik partnership opportunities extend far beyond brand exposure, we are here to create and share unique content with the world.

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We are Socially Powerful

Social media is our bag and if done correctly it will transform your business, event or product. We create unique content with huge organic reach and impressions to match. Forget print and radio as this is the future and we know how to deliver it!




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