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“Those who can, do; those who can't, teach”. It’s a line from the play Man and Superman.


It’s all very well agencies charging lots for creative work but I bet you can’t find one that shares the risk with you. They always get paid - the client doesn’t have any such guarantees especially with new businesses or new products. So we decided to create some events in the crowded market place to see if we could make an impact. I suppose we were testing ourselves. But we did it and now we own our events 100% and continue to promote and refine them. It’s a great discipline because we have to immerse ourselves in all aspects: Design, promotion, management, contractors, sponsors and real cash and business planning. We understand costs. So we get it! We do it! And we know what it’s like on that side.


That’s why we haven’t lost a single client to date (including sponsors who already want longer term association).

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